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Welcome to the nodus Mental Health Blog.

Technically, this is the page where I tell you all about me and my qualifications, but alas, it’s a secret. Well, not a secret, but I’m just not ready to face my mental health issues. I also don’t like doing as I’m told.

What I will tell you is that I live a double life. No, I’m not a sociopath or superhero.

From the outside, it seems that I have my shit together. A loving husband, great career, a home, travel, great friends, etc. (many, many privileges).

On the inside… What’s the opposite of having your shit together? Whatever it is, that’s me.

It all started seven years ago, with a diagnosis of Generalised Anxiety Disorder, panic disorder, moderate depression and anorexia nervosa. Over the years this lead to bulimia, binge-eating, substance use and most recently, major depression. You get the drill.

Until recently, most of my family and friends were unaware of the extent of my illness.

To disguise my mental illness/s, I became the very opposite of what’s inside. I became the smiliest, laid-back, most supportive friend, family member and colleague that I could be.

At times, my performance succeeds, and other times people saw/see me as distant, moody, strange, stressed or unfriendly.

After a severe depressive episode mid last year, causing me to break down and remove myself from full-time work, and life in general. I decided that something good had to come out of my many days in bed.

Hence, welcome to my mental health blog.

Why nodus?

nodus (noun) | a difficult part of the story.

Why am I sharing my mental health story and problems?

Mental illnesses affect 450 billion people worldwide, and in Australia, one person takes their life every three hours. Yet, I still feel ashamed putting my face to this illness.

It’s hard enough having the diagnosis and living with the illness, without being burdened by shame, secrecy and stigma.

Let’s end the stigma. Ammiright?

Excluding my mental health chat (which let’s be honest, can get a little depressing), my mental health blog will provide many semicoherent rants about general humanity issues – inequality, laboratory testing, natural medicine, same-sex marriage, immigration policies, youth justice, etc.

Think for yourself; it’s not illegal yet.

Yours truly,