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Here you will find many semicoherant rants about humanity, race, gender, youth justice, spirituality, social injustice and inequality.

Broken child welfare system caused the youth justice crisis

An image of a young boy.

This is a particularly sensitive issue for me, as I’ve met these children. Having worked in Victorian youth custodial settings, including Parkville Youth Justice Precinct and child welfare services. I’ve discovered that the children in child welfare and youth offenders are the same kids. These are Australia’s most vulnerable children, betrayed and neglected, not only by their parents…

Traits of the Indigo children

An image of an indigo playing the guitar

The term “Indigo Child” originated from Nancy Ann Tappe, who classified people’s personalities according to the hue of their auras. Before their predominance, human auras were expected to be shades of the rainbow, the Indigos, however, have a royal blue colour, which establishes a change of course for humanity. It took Tappe forty years to identify and clarify consistent patterns of…