HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Blue Clay Spot Treatment Mask (Cambrian Clay)


Cambrian Blue Clay, a rare clay found in Siberian lakes, is coveted for its skin-balancing and complexion-clarifying properties. The Blue Clay Spot Treatment Mask by Herbivore is formulated to reduce existing blemishes be penetrating deeply into your pores while retaining skin’s moisture balance. Simply put, clay is a topical detoxifying and strengthening agent that extracts toxins and impurities from deep within while delivering essentials minerals to maintain a smooth, fresh complexion.

Herbivore uses only the finest ingredients to create 100% cruelty free, and 100% all-natural products with an emphasis on plant-based and organic. Each ingredient has a therapeutic purpose; all oils are cold-pressed or steam-distilled; and every product is made in small batches to guarantee premium quality.

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⌲ Cambrian Blue Clay
⌲ White Kaolin Clay
⌲ Pelargonium Roseum Asperum (Rose Geranium) Essential Oil
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